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I worked with Lena when Michael Haneke's THE PIANO TEACHER was being filmed in Vienna. Communication is not always an easy thing on international film sets where there are lots of people speaking different languages. This can often lead to misunderstandings and setbacks. Lena's excellent power of observation and her extraordinary capacity for empathy enabled her to facilitate successful communication - with both humour and charm. That meant that I could focus completely on my character and on the film's success. Lena's help saved my time and the team's time. The entire project benefited  from that. I feel very much at ease whenever I'm with Lena; I feel that I can trust her completely, and can only recommend working with her.



Harald H.

I have to confess that I’ve been thinking about you a little over the past 5 days (Magic Moment), and can confirm that we have actually just signed a LOI (Letter of Intent / pre-contract) for one of the biggest deals in the history of our company…

I’ve been "forcing" myself to make a special effort to stay calm during tough negotiations.

Thank you very much!!




Maria Eugenia G.

Time’s up and the project has reached its conclusion. I didn’t see that coming.

Thanks to your superb guidance, I have overcome many of my fears and self-criticisms.

A process of transformation in big and in small ways.

Thank you for guiding me, for teaching me so much, and for setting such a great example to follow.

Thank you for encouraging me to become "what I already am".

Not only are you a fantastic actress and director, but you’re also a wonderful teacher.




Olga J.

I would like to thank you again for the great time I had in your masterclass. I have gained so much; it has really opened my eyes. Being with you felt like "The Wizard of Oz": you spend your whole life wanting something that seems impossible to reach, and then you come to Lena and she shows you that you've always had the very thing you've been searching for.




Maria W.

There's a huge market for acting lessons and personal coaches. In my case, many turned out to be a real disappointment  - no empathy, very little methodological or didactical material, too narcissistic. I could go on ...

But then along came Lena!

Our paths crossed by pure chance - like so many of the greatest things in life - and I knew instinctively that she was the one for me. She "got" me. The way she met me where I was and guided me along made the learning process such an enriching experience. You just can't get enough of it! I was very impressed by her array of methodical approaches. The wide spectrum of techniques she offered made sure that I never got bored. It's really important for me to be challenged to test my limits without feeling out of my depth. Receiving honest but sensitive feedback means a lot too.

I look forward to every coaching session with Lena, because one more thing you're guaranteed to do is laugh a lot. Lena's coaching sessions have lit up my life.




Renate L.

Thank you, dear Lena.

Working with you is always so exciting; it's like an advent calendar ... you open a new door every time - and I'm always curious to find out what's waiting behind it :-)

THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful world with me :-)

The last few months have had such an impact on me - there's NO changing that - and that's just great - such a fantastic experience - and such an unforgettable, amazing time with ALL of you!

I can now just get up and speak in front of people (I had to put it into practice last week, and can confirm that the frog in my throat has disappeared ;-)) --- Lena, you have broken the spell I was under - THANK YOU! (That was NOT an easy task!!!)




Sven H.

I've had opportunities to attend several management training courses. It was the same mantra every single time: managing people is something you just have to learn. After one presentation, I got talking to Lena about Acting for Success and what it could do for the "presence" of my voice whenever I have to give presentations. It was the first time in my life that someone actually treated me like a person without starting to criticize me. Lena's subtle, attentive way of motivating me to go beyond my limits gave me a lot more freedom; that was both unique and impressive! Since then, my presentations have gone much more smoothly, and I've received very positive feedback.

This coaching style is much more than voice training or acting lessons; it has also had a profound impact on me on a personal level. I have gained something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Lena!




Elfie N.

Nothing went according to plan. Without any prior warning, my presentation was re-scheduled an hour earlier, so there was no time for panicking. Suddenly, all of the ideas about how I would do it and how it might go that had filled my mind for weeks ... gone in a flash.

I was so calm. I had such an incredible feeling of quiet confidence. And I enjoyed it! I felt I had something really great to talk about and wanted to share this joy with everyone who was listening.

The feedback I received from the lady in charge of the event was literally: "Thank you for this fantastic performance".

That was my first successful performance, and I'm hungry for more! I still have so much to learn and to learn about myself.

THANK YOU for your keen sense of intuition and the wonderful, easygoing and friendly way that you bring out the best in your "pupils".




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