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Benefit from Lena Reichmuth's many years of coaching experience. Her coaching clients include global stars such as Catherine Deneuve and the Oscar-nominated Isabelle Huppert, as well as business leaders and figures of public interest.


Hit all the right notes of physical and vocal expression and perform at your best. Become a top performer.

Use the same tools as global super stars to master your body language, liberate your voice and transform your stage fright into power and presence. Captivate your audience with charisma in every presentation and negotiation. Turn your team into the dream team so that you can maximize your productivity and turbocharge your bottom line.

Allow Lena Reichmuth to create a bespoke coaching programme for you, tailored to your success criteria and desired time frame to help you become the star of your business scene.

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Body Language


Body Language seminar with Lena Reichmuth

Be who you really are

How many languages do you speak?

Have you mastered the most important language for an authentic and confident performance? Even when you stop talking, your body keeps on speaking. The first impression begins before you even open your mouth.

Don't leave the most important part of your performance's success up to chance. Use your confident body language to win over your (business) partner by asserting yourself and what you have to say.

Allow your body to respond "appropriately" to the situation and aim to read the other person's body language, so that you can succeed in your presentations and negotiations and also achieve your goals.

"Being in the know is of utmost importance for any manager.  An awareness of body language enables you to glean invaluable pieces of information that the other person can't hide behind their words".
Samy Molcho


Voice seminar with Lena Reichmuth

Set the tone and fill the room with your voice

Speak both loudly and clearly and for a long period of time, without over-exerting yourself. Perform convincingly and authentically, and present your topic with ease.

Master one of your most important instruments - your voice - even in difficult negotiations and when standing in front of a large audience. Optimize your performance and act with confidence and assuredness.

Hit all the right notes of physical and vocal expression and perform at your best.

"Your voice is the business card of your personality."


" Making convincing speeches" seminar with Lena Reichmuth

Make yourself heard and your presence felt with charisma and humour, but without  stage fright

Increase the success of your speeches, important negotiations or conferences with an authentic and convincing performance.

Be brave enough to pause and make eye contact with your audience, and implement body language with purpose. Learn how to disarm stage fright and arm yourself instead with the power of your voice.

Hit all the right notes of physical and vocal expression and perform at your best.

You will receive step-by-step instructions for your next speeches as well as a training programme to keep your voice in top form.

"How can a president not be an actor?"
Ronald Reagan

If desired, the


Performance Coaching Programme with Lena Reichmuth

can be adapted to meet your personal coaching aims.



If desired, the  SHINE LIKE A STAR

Top Performance Coaching Programme with Lena Reichmuth

can be adapted to meet the coaching aims of advanced coaching clients.




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